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April 18, 2017

Greetings Stargazers,

Real Time Astrology Sun Signs are based on the Sun transiting constellations for the present and the day you were born. Compare your traditional sign with our system of signs. See Sun Signs in directory.

The Sun can be seen transiting the constellation of Pisces on April 19 – May 26.

A sign of compassion, Pisces represents a time for deep meditation and a renewal of the spirit.

Rain, flooding, sabotage, support; boats; jails; drugs; oceans; oil; poison; suicides; actors; artists of kind and feeding the children are important news stories. Witness the outpouring of true love.

Those of you born in 1989 – 4143 have Venus conjunct Chiron in the sky, which is favoring you. Good for relationships, money, sales and success. Some could start a new business. Watch sugar intake, ask for that raise. Ready to get married? The answer is always in the stars.

Good for Real Time Scorpions, Taureans, Virgos and Cancers.

Those of you born before 1989, between the dates of March 12 – April 18 have the same fortunate aspects to your Sun Signs.




January 28, 2016




678 – 651 – 7943



Greetings Stargazers!

As of January 27th the real time Sun can be seen against the backdrop of the constellation of Sagittarius until February 27th.

Out of the healing rays of Ophiuchus we can now expand our higher consciousness and reach for a more universal understanding and communications.

Travel as the warm air of the fire sign Sagittarius pulls us out of ourselves and to distant locations.

We can also expect conflict over doctrine and churches. Violence can erupt at houses of worships and educational centers. Check with your children and take notice of escape routes and suspicious behavior on campuses.

Mechanical breakdowns and over heating can occur. Fire, competition, fights, guns, theft and fevers are some of the negative fall out.

Hard physical labor or exercise can take off a few pounds. Use this time to face the hard problems and attack them.

Celebrate good times!

Keep looking up and watch for the rainbows under the dome!

Real Time Astrology
678 - 651 7943
Greetings Stargazers
Real Time astrology predictions coming true!
As predicted on 1/1/16, we had the biggest lottery ever!
As predicted gas prices are dropping all over the world!  I predicted that gas would get down to a $1.00 per gallon.  In Detroit it is down to $0.78 cents.
Read predictions below.
Heard of any other astrologers making these predictions?  Let me know
Keep looking up.
Look for the rainbow,


678 – 651 – 7943


Greetings Stargazers!

Happy New Year! May all your hopes, wishes and dreams come true this year!

January 2, 2016, the Sun can be seen against the back drop of the constellation of Scorpio for six days and then the constellation changes to Ophiuchus for 24 days.

This is the death/rebirth time. A lot of people transition during this time each year. Nature recedes and is reborn. This is a time to heal to use and develop your healing techniques or talk with a healer.

This is Real Time Astrology, you won't find this information anywhere else.


For astrologers:

(The coordinates for the new year chart is for 12:00 AM for London, England. Real Time Astrology uses Sun in Libra, Leo on the first house of this chart instead of Libra in Western astrology and Virgo in Eastern astrology. Or move the houses two signs back from Western astrology to get real house signs.)

Everything happening this year is major! When things break, they break bad and when things are good ,they are great!

It is a very subjective and private kind of year. The balance is off and tilted to one side. In the New Years chart most of the planets are below the horizon indicating the spiritual aspects this year.

The Sun, Pluto Uranus alignment: A year of global devastation, a year of exposing evil. More celebrities and politicians' dirty work exposed.

Revolutionary way to use cars without buying, leasing or renting them! Car sales are dropping.

Massive earthquakes, in U.S., and around the world. Terrorist, storms and karma attribute to the devastation.

Intense alien activity this year!

Clogged/busted pipes, radiators call for drastic measures and expenses. This is a cleansing year on all levels.

2016 is a year for endings and new beginnings. A time for letting go of things not bringing you joy or happiness like people, old clothes and bad memories. Let it go! Holding on to the past may cause angry outbursts, accidents and even death.

Earth, Saturn, Neptune alignment: People benefit over lower gas prices, some prices down to a dollar per gallon. Racism, sabotage are in the news in a big way. Price drops on medicines. Gold prices reaching it's top. At least one major chemical spill/explosion. Food/water shortages in some states cause issues.

The weather is intense! Hot one day, cold the next, heavy flooding, droughts and sink holes.

A false prophet in the guise of an actor claims to be your savior.

Sun, Pluto, Mercury alignment in RTA 5th house of New Years chart, (insert coordinates time etc.) Leo rising and Jupiter in Leo in first house:

Solar storms so intense that they affect the global grid system at least once and multiple power grid interruptions in some major cities.

At least one major southern city will announce a new gambling complex in it's metro area. Roving gangs of children are getting out of control, causes some parents alarm. Biggest jackpot ever for lotto .

Brothels in the news and one female porn star crosses over into mainstream television/movies.

Entertainment venues and artist have a spike in business.

Finally, this is the year of the change of heart. The heart charka and the immune system is where it's at. A year of transforming ourselves, winning over our lower 6 worlds or 6 senses. We are having a human revolution as we learn to take responsibility for our actions and use reason to heal the divide in us all.

Forward to human freedom!

Have a great year and keep looking up.


Richard Lee Vaughn



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