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The signs and dates listed below are based on the Pisces Age that applied to everyone until 1989.  The dates that are still printed in magazines, listed on AOL, google and other Internet sights are based on the Aries Age which was over 4,000 years ago. This is why the readings don't work; except for one out of twenty, the reading may fit. The ages move backward
Children born after 1989 are born in the Aquarius Age and the dates are different from the Pisces Age.

             March 12 - April 18 - PISCES ♦

Pisces is the metaphysical sign.  Very spiritual, you are mystical on the one hand and a drama queen or king on the other.  This mixture of characteristics comes about because you are a cardinal sign, (Pisces Age modalities change) your fluidness as a water sign and the ability to flow sometimes too much.  Pisces likes to get compliments, loves to give consultations and advice. Some of you love to do psychic readings. 

You like to work behind the scenes.  You like taking on a project that someone else starts and improving on it.  You will tell everyone else what you did to help with the project.  Sometimes you volunteer to help, then, complain about all the work you had to do. 

Your sign is sensitive, and quick to act especially with your temper.   Insults and slights can wreak havoc on your delicate system.  In your defense, you will tell people when they hurt your feelings, unlike Cancers who will suffer in quiet solitude until they burst into tears.

You have beautiful eyes.  Your eyes remind people of the ocean.  When we look into them it is like looking into eternity, your eyes just go on and on.  The colors of Piscean eyes are very deeply colored no matter the shade.  Your sign's eyes tend to be almond shaped and they bore into the person you are looking at.  You appear to be listening to every word we are saying, but sometimes you are daydreaming and unfocused.

Pisceans are creative and love beauty in all things.  You are the artists and models of the Zodiac.  Your looks have a mystical, and far away quality.  Your glamour and the clothes you wear can pull in people.  You have a foot and shoe fetish.  Pisces rules the feet and you spend a lot of money on your footwear.  You love fine tailored suits and jogging clothes also.  Even if you are wearing K-Mart or Wal-Mart clothing, you wear it well and look dressed up in anything. 

As a Piscean you may be tempted to gamble with your possessions or to become involved in risky speculative ventures in an effort to increase your holdings.  If you are able to do this in a playful spirit, you might do rather well.  But if you are very serious, determined and care a great deal about the outcome, you will probably lose.  You cannot gamble if you worry about losing.

Pisceans have a surprisingly strong ego and can be quite direct.  If they feel they are right about something, then don't expect them to change their mind‘s they will have proof to back them up.  You don't want to get in a debate with them. 

You are Psychic and can pull information from the collective conscious and read our minds.  Your favorite phrase is, I knew it and I told you so.  You will change your mind however, if someone can prove you wrong.  You are not prejudice and can mix with anyone at any time; this is a good thing.  You can groove with anyone, you have a good melodic sense, and can lay down a funky beat as musicians.

♦ April 19 - May 13 - ARIES ♦

Your sign is interested in self.  This is why you may get into Astrology, to learn about yourself.  Aries only wants to learn the things that pertain to them.  You may be interested in being a specialist.  Whatever subject you are into, you are going to want your friends or associates in it also.  Similar to Librans you think that everyone likes what you like.  Aries has no problem telling you that the world would be a better place if you would just do what they say. "We love our selves don't we?  These guys catch on fast and do not have time for slow pokes.

You can laugh at yourself as well as laugh with others and that is wonderful.  You have the capacity to examine yourself with somewhat greater objectivity and detachment than most people.  Your mind and consciousness jumps from issue to issue very rapidly, which may confuse the people around you a bit.  You have a strong urge to get out and travel, although not usually for long distance.  You can work with your mind much longer than other people.  At the same time you feel intellectually competitive and you are fond of debating with others.  You have natural charisma.  Aries is a fixed fire sign and like fire, you can blaze up and burn out just as quick.  Your temper is quick and can last awhile.  Most of you can hold grudges.

Like your opposite sign Libra, you can wear a point out.  You go on and on from all angles making sure that people get what you are saying.  Give it a break!  You see everyone is not as dumb as you may think.  Once you are convinced that they are also smart, you will back down.  As quick as you are, you do not seem to like change.  You want things to last forever. 

Arians need their own space and will build for their future.  You can be quite the financial wizard.  The word mine comes easily to you.  You should be careful with loaning your stuff.  You will embarrass people in a crowd by say "remember when you wore my hat or that is my car not his". 

These guys do not like bosses.  You can work independently.  Besides, you would not listen; you do not take direction easily.  You are good at giving direction and delegate quite well.  People watch as you  move around.  You look like a commander taking charge.  You can ride the space shuttle to a new planet.  Most of you are fearless.  That's why some of you become police officers and military personnel.

The saddest thing is seeing a sheepish ram with their head down.  You like to lead with your head and will walk into a joke, fist or door.  Competitive and ready for a fight, you are the warriors that we want on our side when we go into battle.

May 14 - June 19 - TAURUS ♦

Taurus is an earth sign.  You folks can be very good looking and sexy.  You are the salt of the earth.  Why are they so boring?  Ask them a question and they go duh, huh?  I think they are excited that you said something to them. 

You have a very strong attachment to material objects and an attitude of possessiveness about them, which can be a problem when it comes to sharing, but you are flexible. You may be less willing than usual to part with things you own.  You may unconsciously identify with your own value system to such an extent that you feel every challenge to it as a direct challenge to yourself.  You may have to defend yourself in areas where you really have nothing at stake. 

You radiate warmth and emotion toward other people, so they enjoy being with you.  You are good at throwing parties. Your relations with loved ones are usually good. You can be quite the flirt though.

You love beautifying your home and making it more pleasant.  When shopping, you may spend more money than you originally intended, and if you must stay within a budget, you would be well advised to postpone shopping until later.  This is a reflection of the general tendency toward overindulgence, which applies to drinking, sex and eating as well.

Some Taureans have beautiful singing voices. This sign is Venus ruled, Venus rules music and acting. 

You are good salespeople and can sell anyone anything.  You are versatile and adjust to a persons needs or expectations quickly.  Once you get the scen,t it is on!  You are lusty people who love to bed the objects of your affection.  I have had some of the females of this sign tell me very explicit details about their lust and desire to get the man they wanted.  It didn't matter whether they were married or dating someone.  The men of this sign will be passionate and can over indulge in sex, money and food.

You may find these people working in banks, singing, and/or owing a farm. They are aristocratic in their outlook.  Being an earth sign, Taureans are very concerned about horticulture, the planet and it's welfare.  Taureans want to leave something for future generations, be it land, money or service.  Taureans are homesteaders; they measure their success by how much money they make.

You can recognize these signs by thick, short, or very long swan-like necks.  Some of this sign have square heads and bodies, while others are very compact, nicely built. Some, even if over weight, seem to keep their shape.  Sexy, this sign makes you want to grab them and throw them on the bed and have at it.  Some of them will let you do it too!

Taureans are sensitive to smells and sounds; their radar is excellent.  You will find them wearing beautiful colors and listening to great music.  They can tend to have hearing and sight problems.  Their sweet tooth is well known and they love a good steak and baked potato.  Taureans are very sentimental and never forget birthdays or anniversaries.

  June 20 - July 20 - GEMINI ♦

Gemini is very quick and cutting like wind that blows in Chicago.  You don't reveal your plans or connect with people until you make sure you have them in your pocket.  You never meet a stranger and in conversations, your hands are always in motion.  Being vain, you love to watch yourselves in the mirror like Libras.  You will change clothes two or more times a day. 

Gemini likes learning and sharing information.  The smart ones teach themselves.  Education seems to get in the way of their learning sometimes.  Others love their degrees, the ones that don't have degrees, are all ways talking about what they could do if they had that piece of sheepskin; others are the "Joe Colleges" of the Zodiac.

Gemini is the sign of the twins or Adam and Eve, the first cloned humans on the planet. (read Zecharia Sitchin's book, "Of Heaven and Earth and other Earth Chronicles books,) Gemini retains all of the cell memory of that initial spark.  Always in motion, you find them running errands, picking people up and dropping things off. (They were made to work)  They are the messengers of the stars.  Their home is like grand central station, with people in and out, phones ringing, orders being made and given.  They tend to have several projects going on at the same time just to keep busy and to ensure that at least one of their ideas will work.  They were born with phones growing out of their hands and ears.

You are the eternal prankster and game player.  You play with people for your own amusement.  You can be rather insensitive to people's needs if you are not careful.  This is particularly important to remember if you feel like playing a joke on someone.  In conversations with others you may be a very poor listener.

Duality is the Gemini's key word.  You can change professions, lovers and homes almost at the drop of a hat and not miss a beat.  You are the travelers of the Zodiac and love investigating cultures and races.  Spreading the word is important to you.  A lot of these signs become ministers, athletes and newscasters, while some just gossip.  You will always get the opinion of others, but in the end you will follow your own will.  You see, you have to hear yourselves talking to figure out what you are going to do.

You can identify these twins by their hands and feet.  With some twins their second toe is longer than their big toe.  They have bedroom eyes and can be short or very tall.  You tend to lose your hair early due to all that brainwork going on.

♦ July 21 - August 9 - CANCER ♦

Cancer is now a water water sign.  The symbol of this sign in Ancient Egypt was the Scarab.(Beetle)  In this day and time Cancer's glyph is the Crab.  Cancer is a nurturing sign.  This sign will take in stray people, pets and dimensional characters.  You are sensitive and romantic.  You love to be in love.  You can hold your emotions for quite a long time until we think that nothing can bother you.  Watch out!  Cancers will all of a sudden burst out in tears with all that pent up emotion.  You need to take one day out of the week and do nothing.  You absorb every headache or symptom that other people have.  You are very empathic.

Your thoughts may drift continually back to events that occurred in the past, and you may wonder why you cannot focus on the concerns of the present.  This is an indication that some aspect of those past events are affecting the present and that your subconscious mind is drawing attention to it so that you can handle it in some way.  In other words, look for a link between the events of the past that are on your mind and the matters that concern you today.

Cancers are very clannish.  How do you spell selective?   If they like you, you are "in".  If they don't like you, watch out for the negative backwash, it will drown you.  Family is everything to this sign you see, so you have to be in the family.  These water signs are moody sometimes because the Sun came up.  They do try to get over their mood swings.  All ways ask Cancers how they get along with their parents, if they have a good relationship with them, then they will have good relationships with you; if they don't, watch out!

Cancers have oval faces and a sweet look about them.  Speaking of sweet, Cancers can have low blood sugar, thyroid, and glandular and metabolic problems.  Cancers are not going to take any chances with their health. They will go to the doctor.  In fact they can be cautious about everything.  These folks are collectors and they will collect you if you are not careful.

♦ August 10 - September 15 - LEO ♦

Leo is a fixed fire sign.  When Leo's find their object of affection they sometimes have to be pried away from the helpless object or person.  You see it's all about them and they can't fathom the idea that you would not want them.   You remember being royalty and you all want to be worshipped.  This is a leadership sign so line up and follow.  This sign will take over and they love to tell you what to do for your own good.  Right, they don't take advice well, theirs or yours.  You are all about will power. 

Where's the party?  You need to be the center of attention.   You are children at heart and children love you.  These Lions take romance seriously and when love turns bad, they feel bad and try to take all of the blame.  This sign is dramatic.  You all ways have a story bigger than the other person. You have done that and been there.  Yes, you tend to brag a little.  This sign is about show business and they are quite the entertainer.  If you want to see a real performance though, just hurt their feelings.  Better get out the Kleenex and the boots, because someone is going to get wet.  However, if you hurt one of their friends or family members, you will have hell to pay. 

These guys take pride in their appearance.  That mane of yours has to be "jam up".  When you make an entrance, the world stops.  Well, it's what you like to think anyway.  You feel the same way about your spouse, children and pets.  Everyone and everything has got to be well groomed. 

You can be anal about health; Leo rules the heart and back.  Sometimes you can have problems with these areas of the body.  Blockages in circulation of fluids, electricity and emotions are reasons that Leo's have health problems.  You are into pleasing your self.  You want to express yourself in as many ways as possible, but principally with someone else.  You feel very affectionate and sociable. This signs does things from the heart.  Staying young is a goal of the Lion and having a youthful attitude is what increases your longevity.  I AM LION, HEAR ME ROAR!


♦ September 16 - October 30 - VIRGO ♦

Virgo is an earth-mutable sign.  You like knowing that what you are doing is a sure thing.  You are very careful and exacting.  Virgo's are good people and like being of service, but they are very picky about almost anything.  Meticulous in their appearance, food and friends; sometimes they can wait and wait before making a decision or taking action.  You do have to prod them sometimes, but once their mind is made up they act very fast. 

Surprisingly you have soft hearts and can be found in the helping arts, such as health and service fields.  Virgos are not here for themselves they are for others and the higher side of the spiritual plane.  You are so very promiscuous though, surprise!  You would not know it right away, because they have a very Victorian, prudish exterior.  Like the quiet librarian who leads a double life; they can be found whoring around in the wee hours of the night.  You are very sexually motivated, but you can keep those emotions in check and dedicate that energy to a higher cause. 

With a mind and memory like a steel trap they don't forget a hurt or slight.  They will just smolder, fume and wait for the perfect time and when you think they have forgotten; they get even you using your own words.  They intellectually put you in your place and it is so smooth that you can't say or do a thing. 

You folks can be obsessive.  You also have to finish everything you start.  Virgo's could stay up all night finishing a project or hemming a dress.  You are multifaceted like Gemini; some of this sign can romance two or three people at the same time.  If you could put all of your lovers in one body, you would have one hell of a person.  It is just that there are so many traits you like in people, you know that you can never find all of these traits in one person, so you hang on to your list of admires. 

Virgo's can tend to live in the past and they are very good talkers, especially about their past.  Virgo's life starts to open up in there 40's.  The first half of their life is lived in an introverted state.  Then all of sudden they bloom and you wonder what in the world happened.

This sign physically tends to be small and petite.  They tend to not like going to the doctor and will do their best to heal themselves.  They eat all of the right foods and think positive thoughts.  They know that doctors and hospitals are expensive and you might check in but not check out.

♦ October 31 - November 22 - LIBRA ♦

Libra is the sign of scales and balance.  Libras are here to learn how to relate to people and get in touch with the other side.  This sign is a fixed air sign.  Like Gemini you have to have air, movement and conversation.  You can talk and talk for hours about yourselves of course.  Libra is the sign of justice and they will fight for their rights as well as yours. 

You want peace at all cost and will coax and charm to have it.  However, if that does not work, you think nothing about putting on a velvet glove and beating the crap out of whomever to get it done.  You find a lot of boxers and military leaders born with this sign.

Some born under this sign are mediators and leaders par excellence.  You can have problems with dating or marriage.  Some of this sign never get married.  Libra doesn't like commitment and to them, any commitment is a marriage.  You see they change their mind back and forth.  They can see both sides of a situation.  This ability to see both sides helps them to be good Psychics.

Libras can give their love to a lot of people, so, like Virgos, some of them are the prostitutes of the Zodiac.  They can be the "kept woman or man".  This sign can be workaholics one moment and quiet lazy the next moment.  This air sign is secretive about their personal lives.  They love to hear your secrets though and delve into the occult astrology, mysticism and all types of taboo subjects.  They are here to do some of the dirty work that others don't want to do.  For instance they make great spies and detectives.

This fixed air sign can put on weight easily.  They are very active, hyper even.  When you see them, they are probably talking and shifting their feet from side to side.  This is the sign of the parrot; they love to chatter on and on.  They can't resist a mirror either.  Libras have a quick temper, though they won't normally let you see it.  However, do them wrong and they will track you down.  Libras live in their heads and they love to pursue their own ideas.  Please don't give these people advice; they don't want it.  Libras are the transformer of the Zodiac come to them and get renewed you will feel great!

 November 23 - November 29 - SCORPIO ♦

Scorpio, you want to change the world.  You are a mutable water sign and water is the strongest force on the planet.  Scorpio is the sign of healing and regeneration.  People come to Scorpios to get re-energized.  They have power, sex appeal and depth.  Warning!  Do not mess with this sign unless you are serious.  If you want to romance them take your time, you are going to be tested.  If you plan to engage them in anger, battle or business, be prepared to go all the way.  This sign is a good chess player and they have a good end game or killer instinct.   

This is a business sign and this sign represents other people's resources.  You will not take a back seat to any one or anything.  You make lots of goals and you achieve these goals.  Scorpio is a secretive sign and you can trust them with your secrets.  Some people say that you have a criminal mind.  You feel that the means justifies the end.  You want to be in charge of everything and you are a fine manipulator, not as good as Aquarius but you hold your own.

Whatever profession you go into you will not remain at that position.  You move up the ladder.  You will things to happen.  The things you think will upset them, won't and the things you think won't upset them will.  They are a paradox. 

You are very careful; you always put your best foot forward.  Do not expect this sign to embarrass themselves, they keep it real.  Scorpios take charge.  They try to out distance death; who said that we had to die anyway, there is such a thing as ascension you know.

Scorpios need to clean out the drawers and closets constantly.  They hold on to old nails, pieces of paper, aluminum foil.  Hey, it could come in handy for something.  They will hold on to you too; however they are loners.  Both males and females love sex and can have children, but they may not want to be bothered with them.  

We always know when you are on the scene, the air snaps, crackles, and pops.   They look pompous and sound pompous.  This sign is self-assured and they make no excuses.

♦ November 30 - December 17 -  OPHIUCHUS ♦

Ophiuchus is the hidden sign! Because this is a new sign for the millennium the delineation will be a little longer than the other 12 signs.  You are a natural therapist and healer of the world.  There seems to be an emotional distance of some kind-from one parent, or from both-or, perhaps, from being an only child, and so, in childhood, you can feel cut off or neglected in some way.  You are sensitive and intuitive, this can at first, seem hard to handle, but it is precisely these experiences which later give you sympathy and the compassion to put out a helping hand to others.

Because you tend to see life in terms of health and sickness more than other people do, you can become fanatical about your health, changing cures and dietary regimes at an alarming rate.  One week's panacea for all ills is forgotten the next moment, when something else takes its place.  No one is ever well enough, however rosy-cheeked and energetic they may seem, and anyone who admits to feeling under par is bombarded with a range of the latest vitamins and a great deal of advice. 

However well meant this may be, you often get the feeling that by turning so much of your loving care and your attention onto others, you are trying not to look too closely at yourself. This can be true, and until you do begin to listen to your inner voice and get in touch with your real feelings- which can, at times, be painful-you cannot heal yourself:  and this you need to do before you can heal others.

All gifts and talents, when they remain unused and undeveloped, can turn sour and come out in surprising ways.  In the case of those born beneath Ophiuchus, this often takes the form of interfering in the lives of others, and their conversation can range endlessly over a whole range of often quite imaginary woes-both their own and other people's-which they take great pleasure in discussing.

Once you make contact with your real healing powers, however, and allow that energy to flow, you tend to stop just handing out advice and start listening properly.  Then, you are capable of helping those who are in need of comfort to come to terms with illness and depression, and to find a new constructive way of living.  Like Asclepius, who raised the dead, you seem to understand the plight of people in despair, and to know how to light a candle in their darkness, to lead them back towards a fuller, happier life.

You are, in fact, extremely good at dealing with all kinds of people. You can tune into the underlying humanity in anyone, whether they are extrovert and straightforward, or more complex and inward looking. This ability to get on with anyone is a rare gift, making them welcome wherever you may go, and enabling them to help others.

Because you can identify with so many different types of people, you make not only the best therapists but also the best actors, actresses and entertainers, as this natural empathy means that you can enter into, and portray, almost any role.  There is a link between drama and therapy:  dreams, which therapists, use to discover just as drama does, which was thought of by the Greeks as being healing to the soul.  And it is, in fact, often by example, and through parables and stories, that those born under Ophiuchus manage to enlighten to heal.

You do have a tendency, at times, to identify too strongly with other people.  You can so easily absorb the pain, and the fantasies and dreams, of others that it can be hard for you to hold on to your own identity.  You need to guard against this, and to learn how much of your strength you can afford to give to others, as well as where they end and someone else's' begins. This is especially true where intimate relationships with others are concerned, and until you learn to draw the line, you can attract people to you who take advantage of your sympathy and kindness.  On the plus side, however, it is through your empathy and your ability to live out so many different roles, that you can do well in thespian endeavors as well as discover what it means to be a rounded human being-and the wholeness which is the aim of all forms of healing. 

♦ December 18 - January 18 -  SAGITTARIUS ♦

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign.  Sagittarius is a movement sign, they just love burning that gas and jet fuel.  You people also love to talk, but your conversation, unlike Gemini or Libra is on the super conscious mind.  You are into culture and psychology.  No small talk for these archers of the Zodiac.  You guys go into fields of study concerning the mental areas.  You are also looking for validation.  You want to know that you are not unstable or wrong in your assessment of life.  Sagittarius will argue with a signboard.  If you say stop, they say go.

Sagittarians make good doctors, researchers and biologists.  Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, rules publishing and these people can coin a phrase, write great books and host talk shows.  Your minds are always busy with the next new thing.  You say what is on your mind.  Your sharp tongue can wound some people.  You don't mean any harm; you just tell it like you see it. 

Sagittarians try to have all the bases covered.  You have the eagle eye view on life.  However, you often miss what's right under your nose.  You look at all the angles and try to anticipate what can happen.  You always have a plan.  Talk about asking questions; these people can check and question every detail of a purchase, be it cars, houses or clothes.

Like Zeus rolling around in heaven, you know how to have fun.  Good food, conversation and fun are the order of the day.  This sign doesn't need a band or comedian to make their party a hit; they are the party.  Jupiter ruled people are not boring; they are funny, charming and draw people to them like a magnet. 

You can't fence this sign in and schedules do not work for them.  You can be on your way to a meeting, meet a friend or stranger and be two hours late or not show up at all.  You will apologize, but you are not going to stop doing it. Sagittarians preach to us about morals and values while you are baking your cake.  When you finish the cake, they may just eat the whole thing.  They are greedy. This is why you see so many pretty "Sagittarians" with weight problems.  Think of jolly ole St. Nick or Zeus.

Sagittarians can keep a junky house, but they will clean up other people's homes and offices.  This sign likes helping people, they just don't think charity begins at home.  Besides you have to be at home to take care of it anyway and these people are on the go.

Sagittarians can be tall or short.  Their hair can be thick in certain areas of their head.  Their eyes seem to shine as if they have a tear drop on them. 

♦ January 19  - February 15 - CAPRICORN ♦

Capricorn as a cardinal earth sign is the super intellectual believe it or not.  You remember and analyze everything.  You are stable and dependable.  You are the ones that will be voted most reliable in high school, college and at work.  You folks can appear to be wiry, refined and thin, but make no mistake you are strong and can endure to the end.  We can lean on you. 

Capricorns are security minded.  They try to keep everything close and are afraid of being out of control.  Because of this control factor, people think that Capricorns don't have problems.  Capricorns will not tolerate any weakness in themselves or you.  They will overcome any childhood shyness or grown up phobias. 

You guys have no fear of stepping out on the world stage and fighting for human rights.  Capricorns have a system about everything and they want to implement a system for the world.  If you want your ideas analyzed and systematized go to your "Cap" friends. 

Your feelings run as deep as the ocean.  There is nothing superficial about this sign.  They are of the earth element and they don't have time for bleeding hearts.  These folks plod along and they love challenges.  "Caps" don't seek trouble but they are irritated if they are not knocking down obstacles.  Whatever you do, don't challenge Capricorn's memory; you will lose. 

Capricorns are so serious when they are youngsters.  They like to be around the older people in the family.  You see, this sign likes experience and wisdom and older folks tend to have that quality and knowledge.  The older they get the younger they look.

You need plenty of exercise and lots of good liquids.  Your bones (Saturn, their ruler, rules the bones) and joints can squeak and pop, so you need lots of lubrication.  You can have problems with knees, skin, neuralgia and arthritis.  When you see and hear some one cracking their knuckles, knees and ankles, you are observing the Capricorn Sun sign or Capricorn rising.  You have a lot of energy and if you don't dissipate it, it will give you problems in your joints. 

You can tempt people with your body and you know it.  The women will wear tight fitting clothes, the men will wear tight body shirts and tailored suits.  Man, do they know quality!

These folks are raw-boned and dripping with sex.  Capricorns move their hands and arms a lot.  These people can have either very good skin or very blotchy skin.  You want to reach out and pinch them. They can look delicate, but don't let that fool you; they are quite strong. 

 February 16 - March 11 - AQUARIUS ♦

You are a natural teacher and humanitarian.  You can love many people en masse, yet you have a hard time with one-on-one relationships like Libras.

As a mutable sign, you like to visit and be with more than one person.  This sometimes can cause your mate to be jealous and complain that you don't like being with him or her.  May as well let them be, because being a mutable sign, they like change.  Don't fence me in is the cry of Aquarius.

Aquarians are quite appealing and some are just down right drop-dead gorgeous as women.  The men can be handsome and magnetic.  They love to be watched.  They expect you to notice them and will shout to get your attention if necessary.  This is why some of them wear shocking hair coloring and say outrageous things at those tense times.  Talk about manipulation, these guys invented it.

You are a pioneer and will go where Angels fear to tread.  This is the sign of sudden upsets, rash behavior and surprising incidents.  Your energy seems to burst out all over the place and in surprising forms.  It may be difficult for you to make plans because so much happens without any warning.  You can have a sudden desire to assert your freedom, to kick away all limitations and break free. 

You formulate your goals and go after them.  You identify your basic ego energies very much with the future. You want to work today for the sake of what you can achieve tomorrow.  You have to create a balance between your own self-interests and other people's interests.  Sometimes there are difficulties between you and your family. Your own ego needs will be in conflict with everyone else's at times. 

Physical activity with friends, such as athletics is good for you, as are group projects.  You are very sturdy, usually dark complexion, and walk with locked knees.  You can be restless, all ways moving your feet and hands and being very expressive.  Some Aquarians tend to have big and bad feet. 

You can find Aquarians working for communication companies, humanitarian organizations and creating music.  Many of you have nice singing voices and learn to play several instruments.  You like watching nature shows, being outdoors and watching the weather channel. 


The Zodiac below is for children born beginning 1990:


                                                             AQUARIUS               March 26 - April 18
                                                  PISCES                    April 19 - May 26
ARIES                     May 27 -  June 20 
                                                  TAURUS                 June 21 - July27
                                                  GEMINI                   July 28 - August 27
                                                  CANCER                 August 28 - September 17

                                                  LEO                        September 18 - October 24
                                               VIRGO                    October 25 - December 9

                                                  LIBRA                    December 10 - January 1

                                                  SCORPIO                January 2 - January 8

                                                  OPHIUCHUS            January 9 - Janury 26

                                                  SAGITTARIUS         January 27 - February 27
CAPRICORN            February 28 - March 25

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