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I am Richard Lee Vaughn, a professional astrologer, who has been studying and practicing astrology for over thirty years.  I serve a diverse clientele and have worked as an astrologer for the Inner Space and Synchronicity metaphysical stores.

My experiences include being interviewed by the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, guest appearances on "The Conscious Zone" aired on WRFG 89.3 FM, a NBC studios televised show, and Public Broadcasting System.

My literary publications have included monthly horoscope columns for the Atlanta Magazine, the Oracle Magazine, the E-zine "The Galactic Express", and the Decatur neighborhood newspaper. Currently, I write a daily call in Hip Hop Horoscope and a daily Real Time Astrology e-mail for my clients. Additionally, I do private parties, lectures, teach classes, and facilitate a monthly Real Time Astrology Meet Up Group for astrology buffs. Due to public demand, I am proud to be in the final editing stage of a book I have written entitled "Astrology In Real Time" slated to be released in early 2008.

In thirty years of astrological study and practice, we, at Real Time Astrology, have discovered that the birth date horoscope signs have been off for over 2100 years.

The traditional horoscopes you have been reading were written as if we were still in the Aries Age, which was over 4,000 years ago.  At that time Aries was the first sign rising at Spring.  The movement of the signs for the ages are in a retrograde (backwards)motion, so the signs move from Aries – Pisces – Aquarius – Capricorn, etc. 

Until 1990, all people on planet Earth were born in the Pisces Age.  Pisces should have been the first sign of Spring, just as Aquarius is now.

The reason horoscope signs don’t seem to fit many people is because we've found that some of them (signs) are off by two signs.   For example, most Geminis are really Taurus, most Leos are  Cancers, most Sagittarius are Ophiuchus, etc. 

The only way to know your real sign is to get a Real Time Astrology Consultation. 
The Consultation  is based on the natural occurring birth dates, that are different from the traditional Gregorian Calendar's birth dates, which are what most horoscopes are based on.

Get a Consultation today!!!  Discover who you really are and your mission here on Earth.