The "Big" Deal
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The "BIG" Deal
by Richard Lee Vaughn


On November 22nd by 6:00 PM EST, Jupiter, the great benefactor, is exactly conjunct big money Pluto in the Helio-centric chart.  While other astrologers are writing about Jupiter and Pluto conjunct December 11th in the Tropical Zodiac, the work of these two planets are already in force in November.  The Helio-centric (from the Sun) aspects apply more to financial markets and earnings.

Jupiter and Pluto in aspect will affect the economy by loosening the purse strings of the consumer, raising the spirits of investors and banking officials.  We should see retail really picking up three days before November 22nd and its  not just because of the day after Thanksgiving big shopping day.  The Jupiter/Pluto aspect will still be in affect three days after November 22nd.  This means that there is a sweet spot for retailers, loan officers, builders, and lottery players, as there will be a giant jackpot by November 19th.

With Jupiter and Pluto in the sidereal sign of Sagittarius, a holiday and celebration sign, the masses are in an upbeat mood.  This is an enhancement aspect and signals great wealth and power.  This would be a great aspect to have in the chart of a new business or corporation. 

Jupiter is symbolic of dreams coming true, good faith, happiness, fulfillment, good fortune and success.  Combining all this with Pluto, which rules power, desires, weapons, politics, great success, big business, advertising, financial instruments and trading, corporations, capitalizing on something, profit, stocks, bonds and mortgages, we can expect to see and hear about the ending of some of the financaial stress going on in the country and world and the beginning of more money being put back into the economy, albeit not like past years. 

Conjunctions indicate new starts and with Jupiter/Pluto in close relationship, there will be new buisnesses started that involve large vehicles that are hybrid in their creation.  Uranus/Neptune rules hybrid and innovative cars, which adds fuel to the fact that we are already in the Aquarian Age. Also, solar power, health foods and stores can see a boom as consumers become more conscious of health and fuel prices.

Jupiter ruling foreign or international affairs and Pluto ruling financial markets also signal moving money to emerging markets in other countries as investments.  This signifies manipulation of financial markets.  For instance, the more the dollar drops in global value, the more exports American businesses put out into the world economy.  In an e-mail I sent out during the summer, I wrote that Illuminati families were going to wreck the economy and that they were laughing about it.  Well, the wreck is in full effect.

Four or five years ago a client who worked for a mortgage company in Georgia relayed her fears about the company doing so many deals that it didn't make sense.  The deals were full of air as they allowed some home buyers without jobs or bad credit to buy homes.  The client at the time was working ten and twelve hour days to keep up with the volume of paper work generated by the volume of deals.  She felt that the people she worked for would get in trouble. 

Today many mortgage companies, banks, and loan companies, as well as home owners, are in big trouble.  Sadly we will hear of large banks like J.P. Morgan, Citi Bank, money management houses like Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns closing or being bought by other banks while others some lay off large numbers of people by the end of December and in March 2008.  The Fed will jump in to do what they can do, they should because it is the Fed that has gotten these companies and home owners in this mess. 

Pluto driven people believe that the end justifies the means and they let it roll!  However, this was all a ploy by reptilian elite to eventually wreck the economy, induce fear and gain control of more property.  You see, the wealth of the planet is in the hands of a few families. 

What's the consumer to do?  Learn how the economy works and stay abreast using astrology to reveal the secrets of financial timing and wealth building. 


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