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9:11 AM EST, 12/19/07

When Saturn retrogrades we tend to go inward with our Saturn agenda.  Saturn rules our responsibilities and previous commitments. During this time we can be disciplined, persevering, and goal oriented.  While Saturn is retrograde, we may find our concentration (Saturn) turning towards taking care of business and paying extra attention to the basic structure of our life. We can use this time to reevaluate where we are and how we got here. And most importantly, to take a look at who we have become and if we want to continue creating that in the future.

While on one hand we must honor those things we have a prior commitment to, on the other we will be looking to see if we want to continue those very commitments. Over the next several months, we have an opening to do this. To complete certain agreements, to either ourselves or another or even a project, and then to decide if we want to remake those agreements. We may need to let some of these things go, opening ourselves to the next phase of our life.

Structure is another Saturn keyword. We will re-examine our homes, basement,the roof of the home and the soundness of the building material .  We also need to look carefully to see if we are doing things out of habit to the point where we are no longer feeling or experiencing the value from those actions. We may need to look again before we continue to choose it in our lives.

Saturn retrograde cautions us to re-evaluate our jobs, career, relationships, housing situation, our finances, our approach to our health, and even our belief system. It may be time to let a relationship go that no longer has the vitality needed to create a loving environment for each of you. Or it may be time to move a relationship to a deeper level of commitment. It may even be time to look at your own capacity to love and be loved. All of these things may get our attention now.

Saturn rules security issues and we tend to get very concerned about keeping our homes and country safe. We are most interested in security in all forms, and will continue to find it entering our media, minds, and conversations.

It is most important, however, that we look to see where our true security lies and to resist making decisions from a fear-based (Saturn) platform. This is an ongoing process, but one we must remain conscious of, being careful not to allow our repetitive patterns of thinking to make decisions about our safety.  Saturn teaches us to be patient, persevering, and thorough if we consciously choose to access its higher energies.

December 19, 2007 to May 3, 2008 will be a time of completion, reevaluation, maturing, examination of our home situations and basic structure of our lives.  For now, keep looking at these issues and know that some things just are not going to get resolved until Saturn goes direct after May 3rd 2008.

Keep Looking Up,


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