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January 1, 2008 12:00 AM, LONDON, ENGLAND

Two thousand eight promises to be a year of value.  The most important aspect with the planets is a Sun (year) parallel Jupiter(value).  These two planets represent a lot more than value and there are many keywords for both.  We will list some of these keywords in the body of this article.
We can build value into our lives by being more like the Sun, which in this case, integrates Jupiter qualities, such as hope, optimism, charity, truth, wholesomeness, faith and expansion.  Where do we need to add value and enrichment to ourselves?  Maybe you could use Jupiter to increase your fortune. 
Try using more smiles when you greet people and watch what happens.  Spending more time with yourself in quiet, giving more attention to educating yourself and others enhances your confidence and helps you feel like a valuable person.
Being gracious and grateful for your family and health can add value to your life.  Ask yourselves, of what value is it to me and others what I'm doing and thinking.  Are you adding value or are you devaluing yourself? Are you thinking big enough?  Do you listen to yourself? Do you follow through?

The Jupiter/Sun hook up suggests a year of hope, optimism and expansion.  We tend to feel that things are getting better and expectations are high.  The forces for good get a boost. Help comes with new laws in the banking arena.  Some of the predatory lending will be demolished by the passing of certain laws for the consumer's protection.

Legislatures work to get their party in line for the White House.  We could also see new immigration laws giving more power for illegal aliens in the forms of getting drivers' license without needing car insurance and getting Social Security benefits.

We can expect gold (Sun) prices and profits to soar in this let it roll year.  Corporations will continue to enjoy huge profits as well as churches.  America has gone international with business and more Americans find themselves working for more and more foreign companies here in the States and in far away places.  Travel industries will share in expansion and profits.

Energy research and more drilling for oil will be experienced in the southwest part of the U.S., Egypt, the Sudan and other areas in Africa.  Great sums of money can be made in land deals, utilities, leather, shoes and belts, brick, building, cabinet making, carpet, calendars, renovation, clocks and watches, coal, cold medicine, law, day laborers, deflation of money, estates and estate planning, excavation, and horror movies.

Another moneymaker in 2008 is going to be ladies lingerie.  In fact, the sex business will explode with "DVD" sales. Sex parties and festivals and debauchery are a bit more acceptable as social norm. On the other side, the "PIMPS IN THE PULPIT" will get richer and federal investigations dig up some embarrassing dirt on churches and their lackeys.

Some athletes receive unheard of and outrageous payrolls.  Sports owners are in fierce competition for quality players.

Health concerns center around blood pressure, liver, diabetes and weight issues.  In mythology, Jupiter is Zeus and 'ole Zeus' just loved to eat, party and roll around in heaven (travel in his spaceship).  We will need to practice more moderation in our diet this year.  Some folks will experience hard to diagnose illnesses.  Water continues to be a problem for drinking as levels continue to drop.

This year a "stand alone spirit" enhances our independence.  The numbers 2008, when added together equals 10.  This indicates that we should do most things to the power of 10.  The number one to the tenth power indicates that the spirit is magnified.  The number one is singular, independent, aggressive, a self starter and bold.  You will need all these qualities this year.  The year 2007 equals 9, a number of endings.  Try to tie up all your loose ends before January 1st.

The numbers that make 2008 are 2 and 8, minus the zeroes.  These numbers indicate that we magnify ourselves by adding value, (2). The 2 rules the second house of the astrology chart, which is money and values and 2 rules the Moon, which is housing and emotions. The number 8 rules the eighth house in an astrology chart, which is other people's money and values, as well as the sign Capricorn, which is all business.  Let's get it started.  


Predicitons for America:  11/15/1777 - Sideral

Every year in the USA Articles of Confederation chart, the Sun always sextiles Saturn from the 11th, 12th, and 9th houses.  In this case, the Sun represents the Near Year.  Each new year people set goals as the Sun is transiting the 11th house of goals; and like a transit, the goals drift away.

The Sun/Saturn sextile signifies a somber day and year with tragedies, losses and horror.  Most of the time, major pain (Saturn) happens between the middle of December and January 1st.  People in the States, tend to be a little down, depressed and concerned about tax payment time.  This aspect is best suited for organizing, structure, land, building, routine, frugality, concentration, duty, and responsibility - things a lot of people have a problem with.  Freedom is taking responsibility for your actions. 

America will be making money, partying, and generally enjoying  itself.  What will you be doing?  With all this going on you would think that the housing industry might rebound.  Not so! Saturn is retrograding at New Years and aspecting the Moon, indicating that depression (Saturn) in the housing industry is real and long lasting until 2010 or 2011.

Juptier and Pluto squaring Neptune indicates the medical industry, long-term finances and the movie industry are in trouble.  Please stay healthy as this year, prices, new laws on prescriptions, restrictions put on natural herbs and bad medicine cause trauma.  These and related businesses have overestimated profits and will do a major overhaul to compensate.  Stay away from these businesses if you are looking for quick returns on your money.

Since the Sun/Saturn aspect is always a given, I found other aspects to focus on for the New Year.  Ah, Venus! Venus, the planet of beauty and balance, is separating from a conjunction of the midheaven or 10th house by fifty-five minutes.  This indicates that we will be very interested in money, clothes, and socializing.  Our countries' image could improve around the world a bit.

America's business relationships improve as Venus also sextiles Pluto, planet of big business.  I would think that if you are looking to make money this year, look at stocks, bonds or retail, look for profits (Pluto) to be make in the clothing industry, cosmetics, luxury items, hair salons, wedding planning, party planner, investments, arts, music, dating services, networking services, musical instruments, the sex industry, furniture, jewelry, sweets, and life coaching just to name a few.

Where do the New Year's planets affect your chart?  Call me at 404.748.1097 or 1.888.256.8392 to see how the planets work for you and to plan your New Year. 

Keep Looking Up, 



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