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January 9 - 26, 2008

On January 9th, the Sun moves into the Real Time 13th sign of Ophiuchus (Sagittarius A).  The Gregorian Calendar and popular zodiac magazines indicate that at this time of year the Sun is moving through tropical Capricorn and sidereal Sagittarius.  This would be true if we were still in the Aries Age, which was four-thousand years ago, and the Age of Pisces that was over two-thousand years ago.   However, as of 2000AD, we are in the Age of Aquarius and we as astrologers need to accept this fact.

Ophiuchus (O-fu-cus) was a real person in Egypt known as Imhotep and he was also known as Asclepius in Greek mythology.  In fact, the first person given the constellation name of Ophiuchus was Enki a scientist of the first fifty to land on Earth from the planet Nibiru (Nee-bi-ru)who created (cloned) in the Elohim's image earthling workers by combining the genes of an evolving homo-erectus (ape walking upright) and a Nibiruan god.  In ancient times when someone performed great works or great acts of distinction, society named a constellation after them. 

Ophiuchus is the only sign that does not have an opposite sign.  Therefore, there is no polarity to experience.  Of course, within the sign, as in all other signs, there is duality. Neptune and the Caduceus (Ka-du'-se-us), which is the symbol of two entwined serpents on a stick or tree branch are the rulers of Ophiuchus.  This is also the same symbol of the medical profession. 

The constellations of Scorpio and Ophiuchus lie side by side.  Scorpio is the sign of  serpents, lizards, reptilians and Lucifer. Ophiuchus, also known as the snake handler or charmer, used it's powers to keep the evil tendencies of the Scorpion at bay.  In the constellations, the stars that make up Ophiuchus seem to describe the figure of a man holding or wrestling with a snake.  Ophiuchus is a sign of true compassion and compassion is the way to handle the negative Scorpion tendencies of manipulation, murder and mayhem.  Ophiuchus has been hidden from the mainstream of society for this very reason.

One out of twenty people are born under the sign of Ophiuchus.  During the Age of Pisces, 2000 years ago, the Sun moved into Ophiuchus from  November 13th to December 17th. This is why people like Jay-Z born December 4th, Tyra Banks born December 4th, and Jamie Fox born December 13th, and others are not Sagittarians but Ophiuchans.

All that said, what is Ophiuchus about and what can we expect for the seventeen days the Sun transits this sign?  Ophiuchus rules healing, apothecaries, tax collectors, being misunderstood, bright brilliant colors or clothes, fame after death and therapy.  Also, understands the power of shedding the old self, dream interpretor, premonitions, attracts good luck, lofty ideas, seeks peace and harmony, doctor of science or medicine, to add, increase, and join or bind together. Ophiuchans have an innovative nature often expressing themselves as poets, musicians, actors, seekers of higher education, and overseers or bosses.

When the Sun is in Ophiuchus it is a time for using your intuition and sensitivity more.  You will draw people and situations that require you to call upon your compassion more than usual.  This is a time when sickness may be more in your environment or you may change and/or try new dietary and homeopathic methods as often as changing your clothes.

Ophiuchus can absorb the pain of others and revel in fantasies and dreams.  People born under this sign love to think of themselves as healers and will give of themselves over and over often to keep busy so they don't have to look inward.   This group likes to peel back the veil and look under the dark underbelly of life.  They make good therapists and can excel in drama literally as well as artistically.  In ancient, times both theaters and therapy clinics were located close to each other as it was believed that both were healing mediums.

With Ophiuchus located near the Galactic Center (the area of psychic outflow), Pluto now conjunct the Galactic Center and the constellation of Aquarius just inside  the imaginary line drawn through the Galactic Center (indicating a new Age), we can expect during the seventeen day transit tremendous and exciting events which will require us to draw upon our compassion and express our higher sides.

Keep Looking Up,


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