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February 7,2008

Does he love me? Will I see him on Valentine's? Is he cheating on me? Why does he always put me last?

These and similar questions usually make up a large part of my readings  and I have been doing readings for over 30 years.  Some clients are attracted to a person but the other doesn't know it and the client won't let him know, but wants to know if the object of their affection is going to ask them out.

Other clients fall in love only to find out that their mate is a player and they get their hearts broken.  The pain, the agony, the loss of self esteem, it goes on and on.

There is a better way to get the results you want without all of the drama.  When you meet someone for the first time or you have been around someone and you start to get that "ole" feeling of love, find out their birthday to determine their sign.

You can have your signs compared to see if you are compatible and know whether the person can be trusted.  Here is a simple rule to go by.   Fire signs, Aries, Sagittarius and Leo are compatible.  Fire and air signs are compatible like Aries/Gemini, Leo/Libra, Sagittarius/Aquarius.  Gemini is compatible with Libra and Aquarius.  Earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo and are compatible   compatible with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Of course nothing is perfect.  The reason being that the signs that most people use are popular Western Astrology signs of the old Aries Age and adults on the planet now were born in the Pisces Age, which came later.  This means that not all Gemini's are Gemini's. One out every 20 Gemini's are really Taurus.  One out of 20 Taurus are really Aries, etc. 

Following the above formula above with air, air/fire signs some who think they are a Gemini but are really Taurus could be trying to have a romantic relationship with a Leo, which is an adverse sign for Taurus or they could be attracted to a Libra, which for a Taurus is like being on a see saw; it is hard to have balance in your relationship.

Taurus can be smug, hard headed, money hungry.  Even if the Taurus person has a good heart, the spiritual leanings and personal agenda can clash with the true Leo.  This would be a case where neither party is wrong with what they want in a relationship, but they just don't blend well.

In the streets and with some of my clients I often hear them exclaiming, "I'm an Aries, I'm a Virgo" and when I check their birthdays I find they are not the sign they think they are.  Aries is brave, impetuous, they want things done yesterday and can be selfish.  Virgos are quiet, unassuming, critical, creative and gossipy.  When combined with the wrong signs they become very unhappy. (Go to my horoscope page find your and the person's sign you are interested in.)

The wrong Moon sign match up can be devastating.  The Moon rules domesticity and emotions.  If a couple's Moon signs are not compatible, they can't live together even though they may love each other.  Now that's pain.  A Moon in Scorpio is secretive, passionate and likes to be at home like the Cancer Moon.  The Libra Moon is a social butterfly and likes to flirt, this drives the Scorpio Moon mad.  The Scorpio Moon can sometimes use force to manipulate or control that Libra Moon.  The Libra Moon wants to talk and reason, the Scorpio Moon wants passion, emotional bonding and big hugs.  Libra gives lite hugs.  On top of this, the Moon signs can be off by three signs sometimes.  Some of you are not the signs you think you are.

Some folks love for the wrong reasons.  Venus, planet of conditional love square someones Sun would mean that the Venus person would love the Sun person because they have nice eyes. (Sun)  A man with Venus on a woman's Jupiter and on her Venus could mean he loves her because she has nice legs and hips (Jupiter) and buttocks. (Venus)  Neptune is the planet of true and unconditional love.  When someones' Neptune is on your Sun, Ascendant or Venus, they love you for yourself without any strings for life.

However, if a man has in his chart Venus/Juno and you are looking for long-term love and marriage, you need to get away from him fast.  A man with Juno/Venus is a player and wants sex...period! Juno is the chief sexual planet (it is really an asteroid) and is not concerned with marriage. This man will cheat, he can't help it.  A lot of women love Bill Clinton, especially black women, he has Venus/Juno activated in his chart, he can't help it, he is going to cheat.  If they get married it is usually for some creature comforts or the other person may have begged them. 

This aspect makes you attractive and sexy and some women don't care, they just have to have this type of man, but their hearts are going to be broken.  It always amazes me what women will take from some men. Venus/Juno is a drug, some folks will even vote for people like this who hold political office and ask them how far do they want them to bend over so they can kick them in the butt, punish me, yuk!

If a couple has a Chiron (marriage) and Juno aspect activated, then that woman is going to end up being "the kept woman", he is not going to marry her.  Normally, the Chiron person has the upper hand but not with this aspect.

We have all seen the symbol Venus, a circle with a cross at the bottom of it representing women and Mars, a circle with an arrow off center.  Why these symbols and what do they mean?

Venus rules women, the circle represents infinity and receptivity.  The cross represents spiritual or alien religious energy penetrating the earth plane or the body.  Remember the Sons of Gods and into the Earth women and the women bore their children.  Venus is the female's sexual planet.  Venus is like a magnet, it rules seduction and marriage.  Women in general tend to want the man to show interest in them first.  Some women tell me that they will not approach men first or ask him out. They say that weren't brought up that way and some of them suffer in quiet desperation, but some women are more aggressive and will go after what they want.  This type of woman will tend to have a strong Mars well placed in their chart, some women are hunters themselves.

Men are ruled by Mars and like the arrow on their sign, they are hunters.  Some men make it game to see how many women they can have sex with.  Men will lie, cheat and some don't care whether the object of their affection is married or has a significant other.  By the way, this happens in the gay community too.  

You see, women get off on anticipation, men get off on immediate satisfaction.  Women visualize walks on the beach holding hands in the moonlight, candlelight dinners, where she and her romantic date look longingly into each other's eyes.  The romance novel industry makes billions of dollars off of this ideal love story where the sex doesn't happen until the last few pages.

Conversely, sex books, videos and dvd's for men get right down to business within the first 3-5 minutes with no music, just the sounds of penetration and  women moaning away, such is the nature of Mars the male sexual planet.  Is it any wonder that "Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus"? 

For the next two weeks the planet Mars, lust and sexual energy, opposes Pluto, the throw on the bed and take it planet.  Women, you and your daughters and sometimes sons will need to be careful, this is a rape aspect and sometimes abduction and murder, better to be safe than sorry, as this aspect gets intense.

And the planet that brings the most pain in relationships is Saturn (pain and losses) on a mates Sun, Venus, Neptune, Moon or ascendant.  You do not want to get in or stay in this relationship.  The Saturn person is going to try to control you. At first you may like it because you feel the Saturn person something to teach you but that won't last.  The Saturn clash can damage some the best aspects you have.

Let's take a look at a celebrity couple as an example:

Here is the chart information for Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.  Who hasn't heard about this drama?  Whitney was born August 9, 1963 in Newark, New Jersey at 8:55 PM.

Bobby was born February 5, 1969 in Boston, Massachusetts, no birth time available.

First, what was the attraction?  Whitney is a true Leo and Bobby is a true Aquarian.  These Sun signs are opposite each other and with maturity can function like twins.  If they are not mature people then they can't see each other's point of view.  Both Bobby's Venus and Chiron opposes Whiney's Juno.  Opposites attract, huh?  Whitney's Juno, the chief sexual planet indicates that she was sexually attracted to him. It is said that at an awards show backstage where they first met, Bobby was grabbing his crotch a lot and Whitney was attracted to his brash actions.  

With Bobby's Chiron on Whitney's Juno, she has the upper hand.  This meant that Bobby would marry her because the sex was good, the opposition means doing something for the wrong reasons.  Whitney's Chiron, planet of marriage and trust is in her first house which, gave her a good physical and personal image.  This is why people couldn't understand why they got together, she seemed such a clean image at first.  The answer is always in the stars.  Her Chiron aspect to her Venus and Sun makes her an extraordinary individual and talent with the ability to earn large pay days.

Whitney has her Sun in a tight opposition to her Saturn retrograde indicating that she can be gullible, make bad judgments about herself and men as well as loving to be in control.  Bobby's sun conjuncts her Sun signifying that she had control over him. Bobby felt like the child with her at times, but Saturn can cause you to stay in a bad relationship way past it's time.  This was very much a karmic (Saturn) relationship. Bobby owed her from a past lifetime in the way of obligations.

Whitney's Moon makes a positive angle to Bobby's Sun, meaning she was emotionally receptive to him.  However, their Moon signs are not compatible, domestic life was not real happy at times.

In any relationship, communication is most important. Mercury rules the art of conversing but these two don't have agreeable Mercury's. One can only imagine the misunderstandings they had.

That Whitney could do a lot for Bobby is shown by her Jupiter, planet of understanding, luck, fortune and prayers answered favorably aspecting
Bobby's Sun sign.  She liked him a lot, at least in the beginning ,and she understands him and would try to help him and his career.

Bobby's Neptune on Whitney's Juno, sex again indicates that he will love her for life because she turns him on.  In the declinations, Whitney's Venus is on Bobby's Neptune, another signal of Bobby loving her but Whitney is feeling the sex, this was a good money maker for them.  Bobby's Venus falls on Whitney's Mars, he loved her body, another sexual aspect, whew!  Where is the love?

Whitney is a control freak with her Sun contra parallel her Saturn. In Bobby she had a child she could mother and control.  There are a few more aspects but I think we get the picture.  This was basically a sexual relationship mistaken for love that had Saturn clashes which ended the relationship.  Of course some people like pain, they probably will try it again some day.   

The day you meet someone for the first time tells what type of relationship you are going to have with this person.  Why not get the chart for that day done or get a compatibility reading done before you fall in love or else you could be sitting at home on Valentine's night wondering what happened.

Richard Lee Vaughn

                                                     Copyright 2008.  Real Time Astrology. All Rights Reserved.