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The Sun moves into the constellation of Sagittarius on Saturday, the 26th of January - March 2nd. (31 days)  Western astrology indicates that on the 26th of January, the Sun is in Tropical Aquarius and Sidereal Astrology indicates that the Sun is in the constellation of Capricorn. 

Confusing, huh?  Real Time Astrology (RTA) believes that astrology and astronomy should work together as they use to.  RTA uses the planetary positions defined by astronomers as the true positions of the planets in signs as well as the actual size of the constellations. (signs)  For example, Sagittarius has the Sun there for 31 days, Scorpio has the Sun traveling through it for only 6 days.

It takes more obersvation and calculation of the Sun, Moon and other planetary positions but the interpretations are more accurate.  Western Tropical astrology is  more popular because it has been propagated since the Aries Age which was over 4,000 years old, but that doesn't make it accurate.  

Sidereal Astrology (based on actual sizes of constellations) is 23 degrees and 57 minutes behind Tropical Astrology (based on an imaginary point in the sky) and is more accurate than Tropical but not as accurate as Real Time Astrology, because Sidereal like Tropical uses 30 degrees in each sign instead of the actual size of the signs or constellations.  This means that interpretation can be one to seventeen or more days or degrees off.

What can we expect this time of the year when the Sun starts to transit the constellation of Sagittarius for 31 days or degrees?  Sagittarius is a fire sign, spirits are high and can soar, happiness is more apparent. This sign rules international affairs, religious dogma, truth, honesty, long distance trips, metaphysics, forecasting, as well as broadcasting.  

The season is now ripe for expansion, publishing and spreading the word.  We can expect the news media to ramp up for their annual rating campaigns.  People will tend to be more broadminded, legal matters become a concern as businesses get lawyers and locaters to collect delinquent payments from borrowers, law students gear for the bar. (exams) 

With Pluto transiting the sign of Sagittarius we can expect deep space (Sagittarius) probes (Pluto)  to be talked about more in the news media.  Alien agenda both locally and those from other worlds, as above so below, will be pyschologically impressed upon us.  Immigration and legislation for illegal immigrants will superficially be addressed in Congress.

Where Sagittarius falls in your natal chart is where you will experience the Sun and Pluto when moving through that house.  The Sun in the  house that has Sagittarius on the cusp is where you will experience urges to integrate your consciouness, educate yourself, broaden your horizons, experience legalities and communicate your ideas with others.  A religious calling or desire to investigate the metaphysics arena will be felt too.

Pluto in Sagittarius will influence the house it is transiting in a way that is felt on subtle levels.  We should clear out the debris, hurt, pain and anger in the area of your life where the house and sign of Sagittarius has Pluto moving through it.

If you have Sagittarius on your first house, you will want to start a new physical cycle using your legs (Sagittarius) especially the thighs.   You could also tend to put on more weight  during this period.  If you have Sagittarius on the 7th house cusp you will be very interested in relationships and networking.  Your significant other could demand more attention.

Sagittarius around the natal chart is where you want to expand, learn, celebrate and correlate your ideas.  It is where you see the big picture.  Wherever Sagittarius is in your chart is the area of your chart that will be illuminated. 

Call me for a reading to find where Sagittarius is in your chart and how the Sun in Sagittarius will affect you.

Richard Lee Vaughn

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