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February 18, 2008

Well, it's happened again!  Another university shooting where a person or persons go on a shooting spree.  There have been many shootings at educational centers around the world.  Here are just a few that had five or more deaths: Columbine on April 20, 1999, the Gutenber Secondary School in Germany on April 26, 2002, the Red Lion Area Junior High School shooting, the Virginia Tech shooting on April 16, 2007 and the latest shooting spree at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois on February 14, 2008. These incidents have increased because of America's love of guns. 

Isn't it interesting that most of these shootings occured in the month of April, hmmm...  Since 1990, the Real Time signs for April are Aquarius, March 26th - April 18th and Pisces, April 19th - May 26th. Aquarius is the sign of groups, surprises, "wilding out" and strange abberant behavior.  Pisces is a sign of sabotage, self undoing and endings.  April is a number 4 month and the number 4 rules Aquarius. 

The sad thing is these events could be predicted and the likely location pinpointed using astrology.  Personally, I predicted the tsunami in December 2004 in Indonesia.  At that time I did not have website, but I had associates that I told about my prediction.  There have been many other world events I have predicted.  I only mention these because I have always wanted to use astrology to help people. 

The problem is, how do you get the word out to the potentially affected people. Can these tragedies be stopped?  Until we try we can't be sure.  The major problem is always money to do the research.  Analyzing charts takes a lot of time, resources and people.  For instance, I can see a lot of stuff in a chart, but it is good to have others helping because it is so easy to miss something.

I'm told by a reliable source that the Vatican has 36 astrologers on a daily rotating basis.  What are they doing and what do they know?  As astrologers we have to come up with some funding to support astrological research.

The week of  February 10th-16th, I wrote about the aspects that caused the terrible shooting spree allegedly by Steven Kazmierczak at Northern university in DeKalb, Illinois.  While I did not write the actual incident, in my Transit Report at, I did write about rape, murder, mayhem, road rage, earthquakes and robberies.  All of these have to do with the Mars/Pluto opposition that had been seething under the surface for over a month as Mars had come close to an opposition and then retrograded until the end of January and started back direct opposing Pluto within 5 degrees when the shooting occurred Thursday - a Jupiter day ruling universities and religion.

Mars rules guns, violence, anger, lust, aggressive behavior and bold, daring actions. Pluto rules things bubbling or seething underneath the surface, that when acted upon by a violent planet such as mars is stimulated like a bomb going off.

Why did this horrible action happen at a place of higher learning?  If you read the Emotional Weather Report on my website, you will notice that I wrote that the Sun moved into the Real Time Astrology (RTA) sign of Sagittarius (Western astrology has the Sun in Aquarius and Vedic or Sidereal has the Sun in Capricorn) on the 26th of January for 31 days... RTA astrology is more accurate.  Sagittarius rules higher learning, colleges, universities and religion.  The sign the Sun is in gives us a clue to the "season of time" and indicates where and the style of things to come for a particular period of time.  The opposite sign, Gemini rules young people and lower education.  

Mars (guns) was in the sign of Gemini, (hands) we get hand guns and young (Gemini) people.  Pluto is in the RTA sign of Sagittarius.  As stated before Sagittarius rules universities, this is an indication of where this tragedy was going to happen.  Western astrology places Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Aquarius on February 14th and neither Capricorn or Aquarius have any direct baring or relationship to universities.

Aspects tell the story.  The Mars/Pluto opposition indicates awareness of something in conflict, me against the world, something coming to an end or fulfillment, the power to break things off.  The chief aspect that indicated something big was about to happen was the Sun conjunct the North Node.  The Moon's nodes are where the paths of the Sun and Moon intersect.

When the Sun conjuncts the North Node, a sensitive point, as in this incident with both the Sun and North Node being in the RTA sign of Sagittarius, something important was bound to happen.  On Thursday February 14th, (1+4 = 5, = surprises in numerology) there was a double Sun/North Node planetary integration, one in the horoscope and one in the declinations.  This meant a day of insatiability, a day of destiny. 

Every 82 days the Sun conjuncts, (something new) the North Node, every 82 days the Sun squares the North Node (pressure) and every 82 days the Sun opposes the North Node, endings.

Of these 3 major aspects the conjunction and the square are the most problematic.  The opposition is tough but not as much as the first two.  Of course the Sun makes other softer aspects to the North Node.  Also when malefic or harsh planets like Mars, Saturn and Pluto make difficult aspects to the North Node things get rough.  The Moon in a harsh aspect to the North Node helps with timing on the day of a tragic event.  However, it is the Sun's (day, person or event) difficult aspects to the North Node that signals the major event and influence.

What kind of a day was it Thursday, February 14th?  First of all, at 3:01 PM CST., the time of the massacre, Mars, planet of war, aggression, bold action, anger and guns was rising.  A rising planet lasts roughly 50 minutes, then another takes over, in this case the Sun comes after Mars and the Sun rules authorities, which includes the police and administrators. 

There was a planetary integration of the Sun, Venus, Mars and the North Node.  A planetary integration is made up of matching degrees, 3 degrees approaching and 3 degrees separating,  no matter the signs the planets are in.  Indications were a day for anger over a relationship, a person (Sun) who loved guns, (Mars) a person seduced by violence and a lustful nature, a day of combined shootings, and a day for easy (Venus) killings (Mars). My personal opinion, I think all these shootings are supported by a hidden agenda from a manipulating source other than the shooter, more about this later.

Pluto is considered to rule death, however Chiron rules loss of life.  The chart for this fated (North Node) event, date February 14, 2008, DeKalb, Illinois, North University at 3:01 PM also shows a planetary integration of Planet Ceres, Jupiter and Chiron.  The declinations shows Chiron, Juno, Saturn and the Sun making a planetary integration.

The horoscope integration of Ceres, Jupiter and Chiron suggest a large (Jupiter) amount of deaths (Chiron) caused by someone with lack of self worth, low self esteem, abandonment and rejection problems all ruled by Ceres.  The integrated planets in the declination suggest a day (Sun) for the loss (Saturn) of life (Chiron) due to sexual and (Juno) inhibitions and frustrations (Saturn).

Now, include Mercury retrograde meaning a tired brain that had little information about his sense of power, (Mercury in Capricorn) chewing on or rethinking something over and over until he thought he had no other recourse.  Mercury also contra parallels Ceres, thoughts of poor self esteem, Mercury parallel Vesta, scattered thoughts and Mercury parallel Neptune, illusions of grandeur, confusion, drugged or psyched out and programmed.

At the the time of the shooting Cancer was rising having to do with women, mother, emotions and the soul.  The Moon, the ruler of Cancer was in the RTA sign of Pisces, a water sign, ruling emotions.  Pisces rules endings, drugs, sabotage, self undoing and duality.

The Moon was in the 11th house of groups.  The students (Mercury/Gemini) were in a lecture (Mercury/Gemini) hall when the shooting spree began.  The 11th house and the Moon both rule the public.  The Moon and Mars in the 11th house shows a goal for a public (Moon) shooting (Mars).

In the coming days we will hear things like Steven Kazmierczak age 27 was a good student when he was enrolled there last year; he had stopped taking his "meds", (Taking "meds" for what?) never been in trouble etc.  Let' see what the chart for the moment of this tragic incident has to say about him.  I'm using the 7th house to describe the shooter, the ruler of the 7th, the Moon, Mercury and Mars in the 7th also describes him and his condition.

First he was dressed in black with a black stocking cap over his head.  If he was going to kill himself anyway, why would he wear a stocking cap?  Capricorn also rules professionals, was this a professional hit?   The 7th house sign Capricorn ruling Steven also rules the color black.  Capricorn also rules feeling out of control, problems, limitations, power or feeling powerless, depression, sadness and jealousy.  

The ruler of Capricorn and Steven in this case, Saturn is in the RTA sign of Leo.  Saturn in Leo is a sign of hurt (Saturn) over the lack (Saturn) of love. (Leo)  Leo is the sign of children, students and ego.  Saturn in Leo suggest a deflated or depleted ego.  In ancient times, Chronos (Saturn/time) is said to have eaten his young.  Our young people are being eaten up by Saturn, which rules the government, status, ambition, hatred, pressure, time, gravity, pressure to conform, dumbing down of society, ridiculous religious rituals and class warfare.

Saturn ruling Steven the shooter is located in his 8th house.  The 8th house rules suicide, hit men, the FBI, the CIA, secrets, other people's values, the occult, death, taxes, bills, reptilians and sorcery.  This placement of Saturn would seem to indicate that Steven intended to take his own life and did not respect (Saturn) other people's values.

In RTA astrology, the Moon quincunxed Saturn indicating emotional problems (Saturn) and possible problems with females including mother, women in general or hatred (hatred) of them.

Neptune, Chiron, Mercury in the 7th house (his first) and Venus conjunct the 7th indicate a person who was drugged, hypnotized and/or on alcohol (Neptune) and disillusioned.  Chiron in the turned 1st, the chart's 7th house implies a person with a death wish and bonding challenges.  Mercury retrograde in his 1st house, chart's 7th suggest an ever changing mind, thoughts turned inward and unclear.  The three planets plus Venus indicating some kind of money exchange points to a very selfish individual.

I mentioned money exchange. There is indication that Steven could have been actually hired to do this dastardly deed.  Now why would he be paid and then kill himself?  There was a promise to be paid, Chiron in his first rules promises and Venus conjunct the first rules money.  The Moon in the RTA sign of Pisces helps secrets to come out and Pisces rules assassinations and self undoing.  Chiron also rules the future.

What I have noticed in these types of killings and charts is that the shooter always has help from unseen sources, more than one gunman in other words, the deed never makes sense.  In some cases other people have been noticed in the same area as the gunmen.  It sounds like science-fiction but I think these killings are a cover up.  They are done to eliminate one or more people before they finish their schooling and become full fledged adults.  If allowed to live one or more of them could become a person who does something to change humanity in a big valuable way or could be stopping a serious maniac.  

Again I know this sounds far-fetched.  Nothing is as it seems and the "M.O.'s are almost identical.  Let's do some critical thinking.  


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