Barack Obama's Run For President
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February 6, 2008

As you know, Senator Obama is running for President of the United as the first Black man to be a serious contender for that office.

Here is his chart analysis:

Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, no known time of birth yet.

Obama is a Sidereal Cancer, a water sign.  (As you may have read on this site we do not use Tropical astrology.) 

Water can't be held, it will escape.  He has powerful emotional attachments to the past, his family, his childhood those places he associates with safety and security and his beginnings. 

The aspects in his chart tell the story. 

Senator Obama's Sun in the horoscope makes a square angle to his natal Neptune.  Obama does not see himself clearly and the public doesn't see him clearly but, he's smooth. 

Neptune tends to cloud issues and makes him naive as well as the people who believe in him.  He does seem to be compassionate moralistic and spiritual, but Neptune is one of the planets that also rules acting.

Aspects to the Sun tells about a person character. With Obama's Sun aspecting Neptune, he is a shady character, slick, hard to pigeon hold.

The Sun rules the father and when the Sun aspects Neptune, the father may be missing or a mystery to the Sun person.  This is also typical of mind controlled slaves (Neptune) who go through drama and trauma in their childhood and become pawns for the power elite later in life.  Bill Clinton fits this picture also, reads his book.   

He will always try to have an out, will sabotage himself and will turn on people who he has known for a long time.  He is also susceptible to sabotage, drugs, prison, poison, secrets, drama, scandal insanity and ambushes.  

He is a chamelion; Neptune rues substitution and cloning.  Is he real?  From the moment he came on the scene I and a lot of others have remarked that something about him does not look or feel right.

Neptune also rules artificial life forms; it has been said that top government, military, corporate and religious leaders are not who they appear to be.

He is concerned with his personal security, money and uses computers in some negative ways.  Neptune rules computers.

There is an interesting combination of planets made up of Mars trine Saturn and Saturn quincunx Uranus.

These planets indicate that Obama is a lot more ambitious (Saturn) than we realize, is prone to make mistakes with his aggressiveness.

Mars trine Saturn and Jupiter in Obama's chart suggest a tremendous amount of drive for government duty and ambition.

Mars and Saturn also suggest that he runs hot and cold, can be quite calculating and brutal.  These are the same two planets that got Atlanta Falcons star quarterback Michael Vick in trouble with dog fighting.

Saturn quincunx Uranus is indicative of someone very interested in technology and science. 

This aspect also causes one to treat the public (Uranus) as lesser than humans (Uranus, watch him when he is talking to the masses, he never looks directly center, but always side to side) and to want to control (Saturn) the voting Public.

There is an interesting group of planets made up of Venus square Juno, Venus trine Chiron, and Venus quincunx Jupiter.

Obama's Venus trine Chiron is great for charisma.  Now we know why people, especially women love him.  This aspect coupled with the Sun and Neptune is why it is also hard to get a read on him.

Only Real Time Astrology has picked up on this.  Anyone who has this aspect presents a great image (Chiron) and can raise extraordinary amounts of money.

His Venus quincunx Jupiter points to him being generous and honest, that is fake, but this aspect helped him raise money and support on the Internet. (Jupiter)

The next aspect, Venus square Juno is what could trip him up and why his opponets are trying to trap him with the mind control operative and actress Scarlet Johansen.? 

It has been said that they have exchanged a few e-mails, the press is digging into the story and you can bet that his opponents will use it, if they can.    

Juno is a sexual planet (asteroid) and is as powerful as Pluto and Mars, if not more.  Now remember he is a Cancer (Sidereal Zodiac) and appears to be a family man.

However, with the Venus/Juno square he is a womanizer, he will cheat.  It is the Bill Clinton, Jack Nicholson and Robert Redford aspect, also the same aspect you see repeating in porn stars charts, male and female. 

People who have this aspect can have the best mates in the world but can't be happy with just one person.  He needs to be careful.

Senator Obama has natal Chiron opposing his natal Pluto.  This aspect lends itself to marriage (Chiron) for all the wrong reasons.  This can denote a powerful marriage, a marriage built on money, celebrity and competition.  You can bet there is also a lot of manipulation going on with the family and public.

He is driven to have a powerful career and has the charisma to attract the major players in the financial and political arena.

Watch how he uses his hands.  Mercury rules the hands.  In his declination chart he has Mercury parallel Venus, Mercury contra parallel Jupiter, Mercury contra parallel Saturn and Mercury parallel Pluto.

Whew!  The "smooth talker"!  This man can talk, sounds like he knows what he is talking about, is driven and passionate about what he is saying.  Some folks don't think he is saying anything.

Mercury/Venus parallel suggests that he knows how to politic with the best of them, he is articulate and women love (Venus) his eyes. (Mercury)

Mercury contra parallel Jupiter indicates that he is expansive thinker and can see the small and big picture, a good student.

Mercury contra parallel Saturn is indicative of a liar, he will say whatever he feels he has to say to get his way.  He has ambitious (Saturn) thoughts. (Mercury)

Mercury parallel Pluto causes Obama to be a deep thinker, his thoughts and words can be penetrating as well as sexual.

Also in the declinations, Obama has Venus contra parallel Saturn .  He is financially ambitious, he's going to get that money.  Also, some older (Saturn) women (Venus) lusted after him in his earlier years.

More Sex!  He has Mars parallel Juno and Mars contra parallel Chiron.  Lots of energy for sex and extraordinary sexy.  Now some of you reading this article, especially women may not find him to be your type, but a lot of women do.  People with heavy sexual aspects tend to have sexual relationships with high school teachers and college professors.

His Jupiter/Saturn parallel signifies a very ambitious person who wants status and would seek it through the law - he has a law degree. 
Obama also has Chiron trine Neptune.  This is the ultimate bonding and long term financial aspect.  This also helps Obama to have special appeal to Blacks, the poor, creative and compassionate people around the world.  They trust his compassionate appeal. 

This is the same aspect that has helped rap star and sports mogul, JayZ and helped Jamie Foxx earn the Oscar for Best Actor.

Jupiter contra parallel
Saturn contra parallel

I did a Horary Chart to see if Obama would get the Democratic Party nomination.  

Horary is a Greek word meaning hour.  A chart is cast for the time a question is asked.  The chart suggest he will get the nomination.

My predictions are Obama wins the Democratic Nomination and he wins the Presidential Election in 2008.

UPDATE 7/12/08

Obama beat Hillary Clinton because he was having a grand trine of progressed Sun, Jupiter and Ceres.  

This meant that he (Sun) was lucky, well liked (Jupiter) and able to raise lots of money (Ceres) over the Internet. (Jupiter)
Meanwhile, Senator Clinton was having horrible Saturn transits during the primaries.



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